January 29, 2009 at 3:03 pm (My Thoughts)

Days are important, some are not but secial days are! Birthdays of special ages appear to be most important. This past Sunday my daughter had her 50th. Who has a daughter that is 50. I certainly thought I would not, January, 1959, a special daughter was born. Everyone in the family, which was small at that time ,was overjoyed. Both sets of grandparents, single uncles, no appearance of aunts as yet to welcome her. She grew up to be a sister to a brother and two more sisters. Three of them were pretty much the same age but they all got a suprise when the youngest sister arrived as she was 14 years younger than they were. In their teen years they all said, “when I turn 18 I am leaving”,but much to their suprise, their hearts were turned by love of their little sister and the strength of being a family. We have all had our ups and downs but have hung in there together by the grace of God and all our hard work. Having hope and a faith enduring keeps us all going in the directions that the Lord is leading. In this time of  unease in our nation, we will continue on to believe and have our faith as our foundation for the future.


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Snow and more snow

January 19, 2009 at 9:24 pm (My Thoughts)

Hey, it’s been a rough week – twenty below and more snow. It’s a gorgeous painting when it’s coming down; so pristine when first on the ground. Bob shoveling day after day and it doesn’t go away. The snow removal trucks speed throughout the street and everyone that shoveled out their driveway has another three feet to dig through. Getting out of the driveway is such a hassle. It’s a long one and I leave tracks like a drunken sailor. I don’t know why. Everybody says just go out the way you came in. Ha – no such luck.

Driving is a real joy with everyone racing to see how many of them can get in a wreck. And now the potholes! I saw one this morning big enough to drop the whole car into. I wonder if they are ever going to figure out a way to remove the snow without picking the pavement up with it. They are out every day trying to plug the holes with some kind of tar stuff and the next day they are dug up again. Where are the horse and wagons when you need them? Just complaining, but into every life some snow must fall bringing Spring with all of  it’s hope and beauty in just a few more months. *Sigh*  I will get past winter for another year.

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Current Life

December 15, 2008 at 10:16 pm (My Thoughts)

I wanted to talk about the media blitz, the negative view of today. We are such a blessed nation and we are told hourly about how bad it is and what’s coming. Where is a world out there that can’t come up with more than $2 in wages, children who can’t  find food, don’t have shoes or clothing, much less clean water. We complain about what we don’t have and aren’t grateful for what we do have.  Christmas is almost here with all the rushing around, shopping for gadgets we don’t need, pushing and stumbling over each other to hit the latest sale.

When will we reach contentment and satisfaction? We are already seeing that our society has been corrupted by greed. Let’s think about the little child in the manger. He had no clothes, no shoes, no hotel for His island vacation. He has been here for over two thousand years giving us His love, His many gifts. He has suffered for us and with us and saved us by His grace and forgiveness. When He calls us to His side, we will all know contentment and satisfaction if we allow Him to come into our hearts and lives today. O, come let us ADORE HIM, Christ The Lord.

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October 10, 2008 at 8:45 pm (My Thoughts)

What year are we in? Are we in October of 1928 or October of 2008. Seems to me that the same is the same only 60 years difference. One difference is I don’t see the great Wall Street losers jumping out of windows. I see them cashing in with even greater numbers. The comfortable bailout it is called, securing the banks, scaring the people over again. Can we jump on railroad cars these days and hide our families inside? There ARE lots of empty cars on the rails now that we can’t afford gasoline and are the farmers going to give free food to the utterly homeless? Is there going to be enough energy for all of our technical gadgets and who is going to have the money to pay for them?

I pray that this is not too hard to believe and that the government fairies will be able to handle all of our needs. In the meantime we need to keep in touch with our Father in Heaven and see where He is pointing. Will we still believe and love our neighbors? Will we give until it hurts to help others? Will we share the best of our country to show other countries that we believe in our  great freedoms and work to see that we stay free? Please God continue to bless America even when we don’t deserve it.

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September 29, 2008 at 8:00 pm (My Grandchildren, My Thoughts)

I hear this demand several times a day. It means I love you, I want your attention, right now. Little A is his name or what his momma calls him. His brother is Big A. They are a pair – truly loving brothers but not above sucker punching each other.

We have a dog at our house – his name is Drake. He is a Great Dane – a very big Great Dane. Every night I come home and he acts like Little A. They have some of the same attitudes and actions. I spend a lot of my time laughing at the things Little A says and does. This week he is saying “don’t talk back to me”. He is learning to obey his Dad about how he is to behave. He has a huge vocabulary for a 2 and a half year old and he talks like an adult. And he does talk back. The boys got bunk beds a few weeks ago and they were told to not get on the top bunk. Little A got caught between the wall and the bed frame and was stuck. Another time he started down the ladder and was hanging there when I caught him. Our days are filled with hysterical times of love and education. I thought I had seen everything kids could do, our family consists of many boys  with all her heart and few girls. Of course they are all gifted and their Grandma loves them.

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Business of Life and Death

September 26, 2008 at 7:07 pm (My Thoughts)

Today I am thinking about the people around me who are experiencing the death of loved ones. My friend’s mother died on Monday and I went to the viewing on Wednesday night. Her Mom had just passed her 91st birthday. There were a lot of people at the funeral home which was surprising to me because some friends are long gone. She had two daughters and a son, numerous grandchildren, nieces and nephews. I was very touched by my friend’s love for her Mother, she kept whispering to her how much she loved her and patted her hair as if she was still there. I know my friend knows that her mother is being welcomed by all the angels in Heaven and has already been told, “Welcome Home” by Jesus and this day is a celebration of her life for those of us still around.

Another friend is preparing her children for their father’s death. There has been no arrangements made as he is still on life support. The hope is that he will live. So much anguish – all the regrets and guilt feelings – if they had only talked to one another. There is hope that can still be done. I see the value of talking even when the children don’t want to hear about dying. Even the young can experience death. As a young mother, my first baby died and it was horrible for me. Someone who had never experienced any death and had to go through it without family. God has been very gracious and given me a large family today and I pray that they will read this post and think about this time with me. I hope they don’t think that it won’t happen to me, but are prepared and will remember that I want to be with Jesus. I want them to be there also when their time comes. The scripture says, “Today is the day of salvation”, so help the chldren to hear the word of the Lord.

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September 11

September 11, 2008 at 10:03 pm (My Thoughts) (, )

Seven years ago, I was on my way home from visiting my brother in N.C. It is a long ride so I was about 6 hours in Indiana. I had left about 5:00 a.m. I was driving on the Chicago Sky way when I heard the radio announcer say that a plane had crashed into one of the towers. I was thinking it was probably a small plane. Then the announcer says, “We can see on the T.V. that its a jetliner”. About that same time, the second one hit. I started crying and praying because we all knew it had to be a terrorist attack. As I was driving on the Kennedy, the reporters were saying they are going to evacuate the Sears Tower. Right about that time, I was driving right past there and traffic was bumper to bumper already. I kept on driving.

Should I go my home or continue my trip to my daughter’s in Wisconsin? I drove on to Wisconsin where my daughter, her pastor and other members of her church had all gathered for prayer for the people that had died. And they prayed for what was going to happen in the next hours and days.

Today it has been seven years and the announcers on my radio station played back the same morning’s events and the sadness overwhelmed me again. It is hard to remember all the families that have suffered and we have gone on as before. The remembrance today on TV has been very beautiful, but would have been much better if it had not happened. I  hope we would all hold our loved ones close and be truly aware of what’s happening around us and not take our safety and security for granted. We are at the turning point of a historical election and we need to seek God’s help on how to select the right person. We need to be praying dailiy for guidance in these dangerous times. I was 5 or 6 when my Dad was called up one Sunday in 1942 when the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor. I have had experience in what these times mean. So in ending I will say, God Bless America.

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Roots In Politics

September 4, 2008 at 3:05 pm (My Thoughts)

I have always been interested in politics since high school. We always discussed our views and tried not to be influenced by parents and their views. Of course we knew we were smarter than they were and more prejudiced. Over the years it has been interesting to see all the candidates and how they have fared.

Today I feel that the election is one of the most important that I have seen. I see people believing their own rhetoric as the time grows nearer. We have a country looking to Hollywood and the media to control our thinking. It is always laughable to me how the President and officials are able to speak our native language, English, and than for media to spend hours telling us what they mean. I think the voters of our country are able to decide for themselves and not be seen as un-intelligent as the media believes we are.

This week has been the most exciting week to be able to have a candidate we can root for.  An all American woman we have hoped for in a long time. Every woman has had their share of heartache in their family, in their workplace, in the process of seeking a career as well as their joy and happiness in each other’s accomplishments. So I say “HOORAY fo SARAH” and pray that she is able to carry out her ideals to our country.

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August 18, 2008 at 8:10 pm (My Thoughts)

I received a call from my friend yesterday. Her Mom is dying; her lungs are filling up and soon she will just expire. My friend has had her Mom for 62 years and she is in the process of beginning her time of grief. She has been a loving daughter even when times her Mom was not so loving. At the present, my friend has just received a reprieve of her breast cancer but no one knows if it is really a reprieve or not. During the times she was having chemo and radiation, she attempted to kill herself because of the medication and it’s effects.

She tells me of her mommy and her life – an abusive husband, having to work for jobs that did not pay enough money to support her and her children, and the past few years of being a caretaker to women that were ill also. She also tell me of her great love for her Creator. For Jesus Christ who has been her comfort thru all of these trials. She now tells everyone she comes in contact with about her loving Saviour and that she is ready to meet Him at any time. She talks to people in the stores, the Post Office and in the cancer survivors meetings that she attends about eternal life that is offered to every one of us as we receive Him and make Him our Lord. She is one of the great Heroes of the faith in Hebrews Chapter 11 and I admire her for how she has lived her life and shares her love with anyone she meets.

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July 22, 2008 at 7:56 pm (My Grandchildren)

Sunday, June 8 was my grandson’s Preschool graduation. Big A is 5 and heading off for Kindergarten in the fall. He started preschool at 3 and 1/2. He has grown so much in this short time. He is a shy boy so when we saw him acting in the program and participating with all the other kids, it was exciting for all of us friends and family. His school is called “Kids of the Kingdom” at Cross and Crown Church.

The message from the pastor was called “Two Kinds of Wisdom” from the passage of James 3:13-18, highlighting verse 17. “The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure, than peace loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”

The wisdom of the world with all our concerns making money, having a big house, vacations and such being a part of the world of business whether you are a boss or a worker and how do we go about relative to each other being angry and envious to name a few or do we pursue true wisdom, do we grant mercy for those who abuse us or do we retaliate. Are we submissive to those over us or do we help pull down those in charge, are we content to wait for promotion from above. Are we full of good fruit, do we see the suffering of others or do we just pass by and never see what’s happening around us. Are we sincere or are we double minded, do we  believe in this verse or do we put it out of our minds. Think fully and let us be mindful of our Saviour’s trust in us as we go about doing the work He has called us to. The kids have a long way to go to final graduation, hopefully they will be able to absorb this message during their lifetime.

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